Granite Slab

Distributor & Supplier in GA

When choosing a natural stone for your home, you’ll find that there are plenty of options. However, some stones may be better for your home than others. Among the many choices you have, granite tends to be one of the more popular options available for household kitchens and bathrooms.

Granite is tough, durable, and easy to maintain. Because of its hardness, it is resistant to chips, scratches, cracks, and heat, which is perfect for a busy kitchen. If something happens to your countertop, granite is relatively easier to fix than other materials.

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Granite SlabDistributor & Supplier in GA

If you’re looking for a long-term countertop investment, let Exotic Stone Imports supply you with a granite countertop. The granite countertops at Exotic Stone Imports will be sure to last you for years, and it holds up beautifully under the everyday wear and tear of your kitchen.

Exotic Stone Imports will only import and supply the trendiest and most sought-after countertop stones. And to make it better, we’ll sell them at the cheapest prices in Georgia. Most of the durable stones are imported from countries like Malaysia, Brazil, Italy, India, Turkey, and more!

Granite Bathroom Vanity Supplier

A new granite countertop or vanity can add value to your home with its stunning beauty. Granite’s gorgeous appearance and natural appeal are unsurpassed by other materials and looks flawless in a bathroom setting.

Homeowners love adding granite vanities to their homes because they’re easy to clean and maintain. Granite is smooth, resistant to staining, is absolutely gorgeous and will last a lifetime.

Granite Stone Distributor in GA

Exotic Stone Imports is proud to offer durable, natural stone granite countertops at affordable prices. All set prices on natural stone are direct from the source, allowing contractors and remodeling companies to buy our stone at the most affordable rates.

For your convenience, Exotic Stone Imports services the Atlanta area and delivers granite statewide.

To preview some of the thousands of countertop slabs and hundreds of color options, don’t forget to visit the Exotic Stone Imports showroom, located in Jasper, GA.