Natural Stone Countertop

Manufacturers in GA

Natural stone countertops have captured the hearts of many and have become increasingly popular in kitchens and bathrooms. The affordability, natural beauty, and durability have inspired more homeowners to switch to a natural stone countertop. Every countertop sold at Exotic Stone Imports has slight differences, which makes no two countertops the same. Plus, our showroom in Jasper, GA, has thousands of slabs and hundreds of color options for clients to choose from.

To help increase your countertops’ appearance, Exotic Stone Imports offers various finishes for your natural stone countertops.


Exotic Stone Imports is your supplier for polished countertop stones. A polished finish is one of the most common finishes because it makes the surface of natural stone glossy and sleek. The textures of your stone will become more vibrant and stand out in your home.

Customers often prefer a polished finish because it’s the easiest surface to clean and maintain.


If you’re interested in a less glossy finish, a honed finish will leave your natural stone with a beautiful matte look. To create this finish, the regular polish finishing process will end before the stone is buffed to create a flat finish. Thus, your countertop surface is left without any gloss or reflection.

Exotic Stone Imports usually recommends a honed finish for more contemporary kitchens and bathrooms.


A leathered finish is a newer finishing style in the design world. Leathered finishes have a soft sheen that also creates a textured appearance. Compared to a honed finish, a leathered finish will keep the color of the natural stone.

It’s an excellent option for darker countertops, and it’s fantastic at hiding stains, glare from lighting, water spots, fingerprints, and smudges.